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Dr Sonia le Floc'h Marianne Médical

 Dr SoniaLE FLOC’H
 Homeopathic doctor

Homeopathy, Psychosomatics

Micro nutrition, Doctor sector 2, free fees


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Marianne Medical

692 avenue Nina Simone 

34000 Montpellier


Tram stop

line 3 Pablo Picasso


of the Millennium Clinic 

Graduated and laureate of the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier in 1988 

  • My career


In parallel with my studies at the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier where I graduated in 1988, I followed from the 4th year a training in homeopathy provided by the CEDH as well as a training in the energy approach to health (based on the circulation of Yin and Yang energies and the deprogramming of emotional memories). 

Thus, in 1990, I opened my first practice in Montpellier as a homeopathic doctor  until 2000 when I transferred my practice to Castelnau-le-lez.

Since then, I have trained in other techniques, always with the aim of practicing preventive medicine, global medicine, taking into account all the dimensions of the individual (physical, psychological, vibratory).


  • My additional training


- IUD in psychosomatic relaxation by Dr. Elian Ferragut (Faculty of Montpellier)

- NAET training in 2007

- Functional and nutritional medicine (V. Castronovo, Faculty of Liège) 

- Training in nutritional biology (Dr. O.Stein at the Biological Nutritional Institute)

- Introduction to the practice of brief therapies (Y.Doutrelugne, Belgium)


  • My medical practice


My practice promotes a global approach to the patient's state of health. This is based on knowledge of the homeopathic field of the patient but also on the "return to balance" of the following three levels:

  • Psycho-emotional: better stress management will be offered through psycho-somatic relaxation; a deprogramming of the emotional memories inscribed in our body following life shocks (mourning, separation, baby-blues, burn out etc) and finally a harmonization of the yin / yang circulation. 

  • Nutritional and micro-nutritional: it will be offered advice on good nutrition, intake of food supplements on a biological basis.

  • Immune: biological control of the presence of a systemic and/or intestinal inflammatory state (linked to dysbiosis) will be proposed; starting point for many chronic and/or autoimmune diseases.


The objective of this global approach to health is to make patients want to feel responsible and therefore actors in their health by being fully informed and aware of what they can do to preserve their health heritage. This thanks to simple advice, already recommended by Hippocrates in Antiquity...


  • My consultations


I propose :

- Homeopathy consultations for common acute/seasonal pathologies (30 min session).

- Emotional rebalancing consultations   if need associated with nutrition advice (50 min session). These last consultations are recommended and beneficial at any age of life (infant, child, pregnant woman, adult...) and when allopathic and homeopathic treatments are not sufficiently or durably effective._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


These consultations are particularly indicated for the following three groups of pathologies:


  1. Pathologies related to stress or secondary to "life shocks"  (mourning, separation, baby-blues...): anxiety, anguish, depression, depression, unexplained fatigue, insomnia, burn -out, migraines, back pain...

  2. Allergic type pathologies, recurrent infections, gynecological problems, colopathy pain

  3. Chronic and/or autoimmune pathologies: IBD (colon diseases), inflammatory pathologies, cancerous pathologies while preserving allopathic treatments (accompaniment of chemo-therapies).


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