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Sport & body issues psychologist

As a psychologist, it will be for me to identify the environment in which you evolve (family, social, work, etc.) and to identify the nature of the difficulties encountered.

There are as many reasons to contact a psychologist as there are individuals: to give meaning to certain functionings, to wish to free ourselves from our emotions, to speak without being judged, to take stock of our past or our future, to be accompanied .e through the trials of life, etc. All of these reasons (and more) are valid. My goal is to offer you a reflection on what you are going through, what you are going through at the time of our exchange, taking into account your uniqueness. We will engage in therapeutic work together.

My practice as a psychologist is, among other things, guided by the phenomenological orientation, which puts the experience lived by the body at the heart of the reflection. Our body experiences many things, whether in the strict physical sense, but also in the sense that it is crossed and marked by everything we feel, all our emotions. The body is the mode of expression of the spirit. To put it simply: our different experiences, what our body has gone through and what it has experienced shapes us over time! And it is important to pay special attention to your body: it expresses many things. Our feelings are important.

From my studies, my diploma as well as my professional experiences, I am also able to offer you support if you are  high level (Sports Psychologist) on the one hand, or concerned by addictive issues on the other hand (alcohol, medication, drugs, games, etc.).

I devote a lot of time to understanding the situation as a whole in order to consider courses of action, according to your problems, your particularities and your resources. The first session will aim to visualize your problem together.

Choosing the psychologist with whom you will start therapy is not easy: as with any human relationship, it is important to feel comfortable and confident with your therapist. It is when there is a real encounter that we find the strength necessary to move the therapy forward. And because it is sometimes necessary to meet several professionals before finding the one that suits us and feeling perfectly welcomed: I choose to offer you a first session (to allow the meeting and the exchange) less expensive than the follow-up sessions. classics, so that you make sure you feel comfortable before we begin therapeutic work together.

Making the decision to make an appointment is already a first step. I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you at the office. If you feel the need, do not hesitate to contact me beforehand by phone, I remain available.

Mrs. Nattys PLUTO.


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