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 Chinese medicine - 中医


Appointments are made either by telephone

either on the online agendaclicking on this link

The consultations are done within Marianne Médical


On appointment

Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Contact me

By telephone
07 45 52 18 95



Marianne Medical

692 avenue Nina Simone 

34000 Montpellier


Tram stop

line 3 Pablo Picasso


of the Millennium Clinic 

Chinese medicine is a rich health system with more than 2000 years of experience, based on ancestral sources such as "Huang Di Nei Jing" or "Shang Han Lun" to name only these sources.  

Clinical work has made it possible to evolve throughout history, both the system of thought and the methods of diagnosis and treatment, to help the patient regain a balance of health.  


The practitioner must follow a long university course structured over several years according to the specialties, as well as clinical seminars and internships in offices. Thus, Professor Éric Marié and his team of teachers, allowed me to acquire knowledge that I apply.  


Session :

  • Diagnosis: interrogation, study of the language, taking pulses and abdominal and meridian palpations.

  • Therapeutic method.

The consultation is approximately 1 hour. It is recommended that you bring your medical check-ups. 


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